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US: Borat’s “Good Friend” Running for White House

Libertarian politician Bob Barr, who is featured in the mockumentary Borat as eating cheese made of the Kazakhstani journalist’s wife’s breast milk, is running for president.

Although Borat has long endorsed “Basketball player Barack Obamas,” it is interesting how he will react to his “good friend” Barr’s bid for the White House.

Interestingly, Barr was asked about his appearance in Borat which the former Republican apparently finds funny.


Boratoglu Online

Rumors that Aylin Boratoglu has a website have come to be true.  A reader has sent us the link to Boratoglu’s website –– where he has posts about Armenians, Kurds, Greeks and Azerbaijanis.

One of Boratoglu’s posts, for example, says that the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen presenting a world map as a proof:

My geography professor Nursultan Baskiyevoglu from Ankara Universities proved Armenian genocid didn’t exist.  Look at the map of Turkeys (green, pink and zig zig), it don’t say genocide! Niice.  

He has posted some disturbing images of his wife and ex-girlfriend, and reveals a historic document about gay lifestyle of some Ottoman rulers to show that “[o]ur governments made loves (sic), not genocid (sic).”

In the words of Boratoglu, you finds more in


Dramaget reveals about Borat-oglu, who has decided to go public.

“my name a Aylin, but you can call me Borat-oglu, i come to you to speak dirty (I LIKE!). i learn much at the Ataturk University Supreme Truth Department. Genocide lies! Give me your gypsy tears, Armenians or you will be execute, like my friend who call premier Erdogan a man who does it with another man…”

“my hobby include deny genocides, shoot kurds, watch televison show “Ataturk’s best week ever” and “Big Ottoman Brother” You can come to my house, use my wife and the archives to learn truth of genocide is dirty propoganda. in turkeystan we say, a man who accuse a man of make genocides has a small khram or is a woman. you stupid, i clever. you die, i urinate on your monuments. Güle güle, fuk with you later!”

I think Artyom at posted Boratoglu’s photo couple of monts ago but didn’t realize it was Boratoglu.  

The rumor has it that Boratoglu will be opening a website that will give final rejection to “Big and fat Armanian lies about so-called genocide.” If you have seen the website, let me know.

A Message from Borat

Our reader Borat Sagdiyev (sounds a Kazakhstani name) has sent an e-mail through his sexretary Ani asking me to post it here.  Apparently, he has written a book and would like Blogian readers to read it. 

Jagshemash my bestfriends – it Borat here. It give me great pleasuring myself to announce publication of Kazakhstan’s first ever book. A touristic guidings to both glorious nation of Kazakhstan and minor nation of US and A, it contain many interesting facts on my country – for examples, learn all about Kazakh Museum of Intolerance in Almaty and look on pictures of glorious new statue of Melvin Gibsons in Astana. It 673 feet tall and have a staircase inside so that childrens can climb up and throw potatoes on jewtown from his anoos. Book also contain many useful information on US and A – for examples, entrance code to Liza Minelli’s gate and best places for photograph pretty ladies without their knowledge. Book also contains many photograph of my wifes and childrens – totally nude, and have releasings November 2nd in UK and on 6th November in US and A. You can either make purchase of it with pubis or gypsy tears, or if you are strong, you can visit bookstore and TAKE it. I hope you like. Chendobreh.

PSs – if you lives in California, US and A, I am appear in persons for do a book signings at Borders, 1360 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 at 7pm on Wednesdays 7th of Novembers [this is the same day as the Feast of Shurik, so if you come youI are permitted to make sexytime in your sister – High 5!].

Sounds like a fascinating book. Now you know the gift I want for Christmas.

Borat of Karabakh?

The Christian Science Monitor has an article about Artsakh (The Republic of Nagorno Karabakh) with its Prime Minister Anoushavan Danielyan depicted with Armenia’s flag (the actual Artsakh flag is slightly different) in a Borat-fashioned cartoon.

I am not alone…

I found out I am not alone in doing it… I don’t think it is bad for my health and actually my family doesn’t mind me doing it… I just sometimes have double thoughts about it… Maybe I should stop… But I can’t…. I don’t want to…

I was doing it in Canada all the time… And my friend Vartan was doing it too…

This film is decidated to all those who are suffering from boratomania:

Hate in Art: Touring Worst of anti-Armenianism

Cartoon source: “Ermenistan,” seen on the shirt of a Ku Klux Klan member, means Armenia in Turkish and Azerbaijani

What do Ku Klux Klan, Terrorism, Narkomania, Snakes, Swastika, Evil, blood thirsty Scarpions, Weapons, Death, Beasts and Big Nose devils have in common? They equate to Armenians and their country, according to a supra-talented Azerbaijani oil “investigator” and cartoonist who has received many honors from his government.

In October of 2005 I posted an article from Agence France Press telling about the president of Azerbaijan’s National Geophysicists Committee, Kerim Kerimov, who, the article said, is better known for signing treaties to open Azerbaijani oil to American and western markets than for his anti-Armenian cartoons.

Much of his work targets Armenia, against which Azerbaijan fought a bloody war, and in large parts complements the government’s official information campaign against the Caucasus nation.

Anyone in Baku will tell you that Azerbaijan has many enemies: Armenia with its Russian backing, Armenia’s wealthy diaspora, Azerbaijan’s own opposition forces and perhaps a few loose clerics from Iran.

Kerimov goes further and puts the enemies into pictures, with horned and bewarted horrific caricatures of Armenians clawing at the map of Azerbaijan or driving a wedge between the country and its ally Turkey with a giant bomb.

If you are surprised that you have not heard of Kerimov before, don’t feel bad. I mean what is wrong making hundreds of cartoons depicting Armenians as snakes, scorpions and Ku Klux Klan members? After all, Armenia has won the war over Azerbaijan, hasn’t it?

Cartoon: Azerbaijan holding Armenia’s swastika knife

This is exactly what you hear all the time. Azerbaijan hates Armenians to death, smashes their ancient monuments to dust, jail its own Azeri journalists for writing the truth about the war with Armenia, and even deports a Turkish pianist with Armenian roots because of the war of Nagorno-Karabakh in the early 1990s. Who dares to ask why the war started in the first place? Who dares to remember the anti-Armenianism in Azerbaijan and the pogroms against Armenian citizens and the destruction of monuments before there was even word about war?

If you are still surprised that you have not heard of Kerimov before, you are missing something big. According to his official website, “Prof. Kerim Kerimov for the first time in the world found the right way and method for prediction earthquake approximately 4-5 hours before the starting of this process.” This is not Borat, it is true.

And there is more, in case you are interested. According to his official website, Kerimov is:

President of National Committee of Geophysics of Azerbaijan (read about Committee)
• President of Azerbaijan Section of SEC
Member-corresponding of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
• Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy sciences, Professor • Head of scientific works and author of many inventions
• Honored man of science and techniques
Real member of Eastern International Oil Academy
\fs20cf4Real member of Ecoegenetic International Academy
Real member of European Academy Sciences
• He is an editor and chief of “Geophysics news in Azerbaijan” magazine An author of more than 550 scientific works, including different monographs, atlases, maps, inventions, articles and other.
He is an author of more than 4500 political cartoons, which have been published in different countries.
Since 1998, he has been awarded with a lot of medals including gold medals from the government and several times was appointed with the following titles: the man of the year, inventor of the year, scientist of the year.
He was conferred the cold order “Glory”, by government.

Pretty amazing. Did you catch the part that he is “author of more than 4500 political cartoons”?

Cartoon: Turkic countries – Kazakhstan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan – killing the Nazi snake, Armenia. The cartoon is reflective of Pan-Turkism, a racist-linguistlic idea to establish a pan-Turkish Empire from Turkey to Kazakhstan that some scholars have argued has contributed to the planning of the Armenian Genocide.

I must admit I have not seen all 4,500, although I had the displeasure to go through hundreds of them available at his website (added in October of 2006). Besides the boringly self-repeating few figures, there is something else that Kerimov’s cartoons have in common. Most of them say in four different languages, “Terrorism, narkomania and armenism are the same diseases.”

These ones are worth no words:


Cartoon source


Cartoon source













Borat Did Fooled?

Ken Davitian, aka Azamat for Borat, has told andPOP his original audition tape for Borat is supposed to be included in the DVD bonus (coming out in a month!). Why? Ken Davitian had apparently acted during entering the room and fooled the real producer of Borat and Sasha Cohen, aka Borat, himself. Wow, wow, wiyaaaaaaaa.

From the time he entered the room, Davitian was Azamat. He knew they were looking for someone to play a frumpy, fish-out-of-water, Eastern European, and they didn’t realize he was acting. He handed them a wrinkled 8×10 photo of himself that he had folded in his pocket. Davitian realized that he had the room fooled and had to reveal his true identity.

Funnily enough, Davitian has fooled the interviewer of andPOP too.

However, Davitian reveals, that [nude fighting] scene had one deception in the form of a strategically placed black bar.

“I can tell you,” he says, “that the black bar that you saw while he [Borat] was running was an exaggeration and not necessary.”

Armenianizing America

Today I Armenianized more non-Armenians, a.k.a, donated blood.  I think this is the best way of practicing nationalism or patriotism.  If you think your blood is better (which I don’t, especially when it is AB positive), you should donate it to make this world a better place.  This would make millions of, lets say, Turks to donate blood around the world. 

 Donating blood makes you healthy.  Until last year, I would get the cold at least 12 times a year in all of my life.  Since the first time I donated blood, I have not been sick and never will.

Donating blood is fun, in my case for the nurse or the nurses, at least.  These people had a lot of fun when I was playing Borat for them.  Wasn’t too much fun for me because they thought I was being myself.  Maybe some part of it.

 Donating fun will make you hate your computer less, at least in my case.  See, my home computer is the worst computer in the world (this is an absolute fact!!!!!!) and I couldn’t update my yesterday’s post after 10 attempts!  Now, as they have taken some blood of me, I don’t have too much energy to practice hate against my computer.  As Blogian’s readership is growing, I need to have a normal access to Internet, but this doesn’t seem the case.  So if I don’t respond to your comments, please don’t take it personal.  Usually, I approve them at work and cannot comment them from there.  If you notice, I don’t edit comments, and there is some Turkish-Azerbaijani love for Armenians in the comments.  But I do read your comments and get really excited especially when you link to Blogian!  One of my friends in Colorado, Kim Christianian, mentions my blog to everybody she sees.  I am serious.  She is the Blogian agent, and everybody is invited to be one.  🙂

Donating blood makes you feel good, despite the fact that nobody asks for an ID or whether you use/used drugs and alcohol.  What if Bin Laden wanted to donate blood?  Most likely not, and the same with the alcoholics or drug addicts, so don’t worry about getting intoxicated blood.

 So what makes you donate blood?  I don’t know the answer, but it paid well.  I was taking my independent study (on Cultural Rights and Djulfa) form for the dean to sign, and saw the blood seekers.  I told them I had to run, but ended up coming back.  I was told at the admissions office that it might take a week before the dean signed it.  I got a call, twenty minutes after I had dropped off the form, that my form was ready as I was already giving blood.  See, had I not volunteered I would have to do it on Friday!

As you noticed, my obssesion (or whatever the word is spelled.  I am not going to use spell check any more!) about Djulfa is becoming academic.  Indigenous rights scholar and very famous Native American Prof. Glenn Morris is going to supervise me on the research, and said many times he was really excited.  I will be also pursuing (and this is my own take) the state of Azerbaijani monuments in Armenia, so those of you who have some materials on the issue please let me know.  I would ask you not send me links to nationalist Azerbaijani websites that post photos of Armenian churches and say these were Azerbaijani monuments.

If Kirk Kirkorian ever ends up reading this entry, I would ask him to buy me a new computer.