Our reader Borat Sagdiyev (sounds a Kazakhstani name) has sent an e-mail through his sexretary Ani asking me to post it here.  Apparently, he has written a book and would like Blogian readers to read it. 

Jagshemash my Blogian.net bestfriends – it Borat here. It give me great pleasuring myself to announce publication of Kazakhstan’s first ever book. A touristic guidings to both glorious nation of Kazakhstan and minor nation of US and A, it contain many interesting facts on my country – for examples, learn all about Kazakh Museum of Intolerance in Almaty and look on pictures of glorious new statue of Melvin Gibsons in Astana. It 673 feet tall and have a staircase inside so that childrens can climb up and throw potatoes on jewtown from his anoos. Book also contain many useful information on US and A – for examples, entrance code to Liza Minelli’s gate and best places for photograph pretty ladies without their knowledge. Book also contains many photograph of my wifes and childrens – totally nude, and have releasings November 2nd in UK and on 6th November in US and A. You can either make purchase of it with pubis or gypsy tears, or if you are strong, you can visit bookstore and TAKE it. I hope you like. Chendobreh.

PSs – if you lives in California, US and A, I am appear in persons for do a book signings at Borders, 1360 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 at 7pm on Wednesdays 7th of Novembers [this is the same day as the Feast of Shurik, so if you come youI are permitted to make sexytime in your sister – High 5!].

Sounds like a fascinating book. Now you know the gift I want for Christmas.