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Turkey Got The News

Turkey finally got the news that Rocky has decided to shoot a movie on the Armenian Genocide.…5AF0141E28.html

Protest of 'Rocky's genocide movie

The famous American actor, known globally for his series of 'Rocky' movies, Slyvester Stallone, has received reactions after he declared he is going to shoot a movie that deals with the Armenian genocide. Turkish associations have been moved to take action after the famous actor announced that he will shoot a movie based on the book entitled, "40 days at Mount Moses" by Franz Werfel, which tells of the murders of Armenians by Turks. The associations are getting ready to bombard him with protest letters.

Cartoon from GIBRAHAYER e-magazine

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Sorry Readers

Dear Blogian readers, I am so sorry for Blogian being unavailable in the last few days. I promise to do the best not to have this again. We are upgrading the website and expect a new surprise pretty soon!

In Spite Of The Genocide . . .

In Spite Of The Genocide . . . (Sarkisian, WSJ)
Friday, December 22, 2006
The Wall Street Journal
By Serge Sarkisian

YEREVAN, Armenia — Over the past few months, attention in Europe has focused once again on the genocide of the Armenian people. The debate in the European Parliament over whether Turkey's recognition of the genocide should be a precondition for membership in the European Union, and the French National Assembly's bill criminalizing genocide denial, have put the spotlight on this tragic period of Armenia's history.

I want to look to the future and I hope that Turkey 's negotiations for EU membership will provide the long-awaited opportunity for our two countries to establish civilized relations for the benefit of our peoples and the region. Armenia is part of the new European Neighborhood Policy and is seeking closer ties with the EU. As the country with the oldest Christian community in the world, we are a neighbor to Europe, but also to Georgia , Azerbaijan , Iran and Turkey .

Turkish-Armenian relations and the genocide are, of course, important factors that need to be considered during Turkey 's negotiations for EU membership. It is important to remember the past to ensure that such crimes against humanity are not repeated. Nevertheless, Armenia has a very straightforward and practical position in terms of future relations with Turkey . We would welcome starting normal diplomatic and other relations — without preconditions. That includes not tying the establishment of diplomatic relations to recognition of the genocide. More importantly, we want to profit from such diplomatic relations as a means to overcome the issues that burden our relations. We cannot expect solutions to come before we start talking to each other. Solutions will only arise when we work hard for them, starting by establishing an open dialogue.

In addition to building diplomatic ties between our two countries, we believe that in negotiating for membership — and perhaps as a future EU member state — Turkey will contribute to an economically stronger and more stable neighborhood. This is in the interest of both Turkey and Armenia . EU membership would also make Turkey much more predictable. It is always easier to deal with a predictable neighbor.

Sadly, in the past Turkey 's response to Armenia 's desire for normal, diplomatic relations has been to punish and threaten those who have recognized the genocide. The breakthrough promised 15 years ago when Ankara announced its recognition of Armenian independence remains unfulfilled. Turkey refused then to establish diplomatic relations with my country — and refuses to do so to this day. The result is that our bilateral relations are zero. Worse, Turkey maintains closed borders with Armenia despite growing international pressure and condemnation, throws every effort into isolating landlocked Armenia from international and regional transportation projects and does not play a constructive role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. While these policies contradict contemporary principles of international relations and world order, Armenia does not regard Turkey 's potential membership in the EU as a threat to national security. Quite the contrary. We hope it will mean that Turkey will change, and be in a better position to face both its history and future.

The entry negotiations hold seeds of hope that the impasse between Turkey and Armenia can eventually be broken. If Turkey lifts the blockade of its border with Armenia , my small country becomes geopolitically closer to Europe . Armenia already shares a common interest with the EU on a large range of issues ranging from regional security to democratic development.

The statehood that both Armenia and Turkey enjoy is not an apartment. You cannot sell it and leave it. Neither Turks nor Armenians will leave the region. The logical solution is to have normal relations with each other. That's what neighbors seek to do in today's world.

I do not say that Armenia should resolve its relations with Ankara at any price. What I do say is that it is ready to regulate its relations with Turkey without any preconditions. Armenia is committed to doing everything it can to find a way to develop bilateral relations, as much as we are seeking close cooperation with the EU. We look forward to the EU becoming increasingly involved in finding a way to a breakthrough for relations between Turkey and Armenia .

Finally, let me make yet one more appeal to Turkey . We cannot be permanent enemies — and even if we could, there is no need or sense in being such enemies. So for the sake of our future, let us move forward.

Mr. Sarkisian is Armenia 's defense minister.

Guess Who Will Be Poland's Next King?

via iArarat , BBC reports of a Polish parliamentarian bill "to proclaim Jesus Christ king of" Poland.

According to the same report, 350 years ago the Polish king proclaimed Virgin Mary the Queen of Poland. Would it be correct, though, to have queen mother and king son?

Our Big, Fat Snowman

As you may all know, Colorado has been shut town for two days due to a horrendous or wonderful blizzard – depending what you make out of it.

My own brother, for example, decided to honor some of our neighbors making the fattest snowman in their parking lot. I joined him for a while, and then got disturbed with shooting a Borat documentary. No, I won’t share it with you: first, it is not edited; second, it is booooring.

I think my bro was really successful with his big and fat snowman that’s why I am going to share some photos with you.

Click on the photos to enlarge

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Well, my brother wanted the snowman to be closer to the reality: it shows obesity and is not shy to show off the behind.

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My brother: “Mission Accomplished” with, perhaps, the fattest snowman in crazy Colorado

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This would be me; my contribution to the snowman is not a lot: just the hat, some initial work and the buttons.

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Try to tow this one!

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The master brother and his snowman

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In case you didn’t guess, it’s a car

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And this is me – digging up the snow

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The snowman with my shadow

All photos taken and posted on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in Littleton, Colorado

Colorado Shut Down

Today is Thursday, December 21, 2006, and the entire Colorado is shut down (including America’s biggest airport – Denver International) for the second day due to the blizzard that has whited out the entire state.

I think it will get better, since it has not gotten really worse from yesterday night as of this minute. It was so windy-snowy-windy-mony-bony-hony-gony-dony-lony-babony (staying at home makes me crazy) yesterday that I did not even dare to walk out of our home. The State Capitol, my workplace, was shut down and still is. This has happened very few times in its history.

Well, one would think I am happy for my work being closed. Actually I am not. This week was my vacation… from by boss (she is out for a week), and everything was finally getting into its place. Seriously, I got so much stuff done on Monday and Tuesday (although I went and stayed extra time, but I enjoy doing so when I don’t have class) that I wouldn’t have done so for a month when my boss was around. I like her a lot as a person, and she is a good supervisor, but as her and my employees put it out, “She drives nuts.” I am not worried about her reading this; she barely knows how to send e-mails, and I have to show it to her 4000 a day how to do it.

Anyhow, I am really sad that the Post office is closed. I have so many things to send out (more than 20 envelops are waiting in our living room to leave the room). So those of you who are expecting cards or DVD copies of “The New Tears of Araxes” from me, or have sent me something, expect a delay of at least 2 days.

Yekshmesh. It snowing. Niiiiceeeeeeeeeeee. I’d better get my behind off my apartment and go take some pictures sometime today (it is still early morning here).

Thanks God my semester is over, otherwise it would have been a headache.

"the New Tears Of Araxes" To Broadcast In La Area

"The New Tears of Araxes" (high quality) will be aired in Southern
California on Sunday, December 24, 2006, in Appo
Jabarian's show.

"This Week With Appo Jabarian," is a bilingual
Armenian/English live show in Southern California, and
airs from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Charter Media
channel 26 (Glendale, Burbank, Montrose, La Crescenta,
La Canada, etc.).

Wwi Orphan Made Orphan Map

A not-so-famous but indeed very interesting photo, that I received from a friend in Australia, shows WWI Armenian Genocide orphans in Gyumri, Democratic Republic of Armenia, making a map of Middle East, showing the area where the Armenian survivors are concentrated. The photo staging was organized by the Near East Relief – now part of the Red Cross.

IPB Image

Thank You, Hon. Jim Karygiannis!

Canadian Parliamentarian and Member of House of Commons Hon. Jim Karygiannis has posted a link to my film, "The New Tears of Araxes," at his website, where the legislator writes about his October visit to UNESCO to protest the destruction of Djulfa cemetery.

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