Rumors that Aylin Boratoglu has a website have come to be true.  A reader has sent us the link to Boratoglu’s website –– where he has posts about Armenians, Kurds, Greeks and Azerbaijanis.

One of Boratoglu’s posts, for example, says that the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen presenting a world map as a proof:

My geography professor Nursultan Baskiyevoglu from Ankara Universities proved Armenian genocid didn’t exist.  Look at the map of Turkeys (green, pink and zig zig), it don’t say genocide! Niice.  

He has posted some disturbing images of his wife and ex-girlfriend, and reveals a historic document about gay lifestyle of some Ottoman rulers to show that “[o]ur governments made loves (sic), not genocid (sic).”

In the words of Boratoglu, you finds more in