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Armenian Legends and Poems in English

The "the largest freely available archive of full-text books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet" has added Armenian Legends and Poems to its collection.

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Internet Sacred Text Archive informs that "this little sampler of Armenian literature" was made available on 14 June 2006.

The "little sampler of Armenian literature" is available at and has 195 pages of Armenian legends and poems (publication of 1916).

Russian hostages killed in Iraq

Four Russian hostages were killed in Iraq on Saturday, hundreds of newspapers around the world report.

The information came after the video of the killings was posted on a website. Well, none of the newspapers link to the website (or mention the name of it), and I know, although sad, people might want to see the savage video.

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The enblem of Mujahedeen Shura Council

I did some research and found out that the "website" is actually a blog! Since blogian hides nothing from its readers, here is the link: The "website" is in Arabic. It belongs to "Mujahedeen Shura Council," al-Qaeda linked organization.

They have posted a list of servers that host the video:…2_NEW.rmvb.html…2_NEW.rmvb.html

check here for updates.

Unbelievable Act

Hetq informs of an unbelievable democratic, anti-corrupt and fair act that has happened in Armenia. The state has paid damages to journalists in Armenia through a lawsuit. Unbelievable! So is there hope after all?

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Simon says, don’t trust alcoholics and drug addicts. They will get you in trouble at some point, because narcotics mean more than anything to them.

A Chechen terrorist leader was killed in Russia on June 17, 2006 (while I was out river rafting in Colorado’s Arkansas river). Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, who was allegedly preparing an attack on the eight world leaders in St. Petersburg, was tipped in to the Russian police by one of his “colleagues” for $55! The colleague desperately needed a dose of heroin.

Even if you are a dirty anti-shower terrorist, don’t trust addicts. They will sell anything to get high.

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He accused Russia of bombing an Armenian passenger plane. Now he is dead, but the world media is not aware of the allegations against Russia

Now, the world newspapers have missed one thing. It is something that I wrote about last week. Sadulayev was the person who announced that an Armenian passenger plane had been shot at by the Russian military last month. Did Russia get rid of the “evidence”?

Armenians are alien nationals

I hate writing about Azerbaijani hate. I don’t want to give the impression that I think Armenians are holly and Azerbaijanis are pieces of shit. I don’t claim that everything Armenians write is true, and everything Azerbaijanis write is a lie.

But I think ever a war – in this case information war – should have limits and boundaries. It seems Armenians kind of have the feeling of this (perhaps they won the war that’s why?), but some Azerbaijani propagandist machines just blow everything off.

Now, I am going to quote an article that perhaps 12 people have read. I know that people will say I may contribute to Azerbaijani propaganda by linking to their websites. But I want us to understand that generations in Azerbaijan are fed up with these kind of unhealthy stories. Stories that are more than lies or hate.

Ready? Here you go. It turns it is a “well-known historic fact” that Armenians are “alien nationals,” according to “The Right to Vote” Azerbaijani website. Aliens in a land where they have been living for 3000 years (at least the website admits this).

I have to admit I could not finish the “article.” I know I am supposed to read everything to the end before criticizing it, but it is really difficult to read unhealthy propaganda.

The article, nevertheless, says that some Azerbaijani names have been exchanged by Armenian ones in Armenia. I do not agree with this policy (if this is indeed true; although Armenians still use the Turkish name for Artsakh – Karabakh), but I have to admit that Armenians learned this from their Turkish-Azerbaijani neighbors.

Anyhow, I don’t care if Armenians have “only” lived in Armenia for 3000 years. I don’t care that Azerbaijanis have lived in Armenia and current Azerbaijan for “only” 700 years. But I do get worried when Azerbaijanis think they have lived in Armenia and Azerbaijan for 2 million years. This is kind of unhealthy.


Brochure on Julfa Destruction

A brochure published by Research on Armenian Architecture (RAA) about the destruction of the world-known Julfa cemetery is available through

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The brochure does not have many new details about the vandalism, but it does reveal an interesting photograph on the very last page indicating an Armenian priest performing live requiem at the Iranian-Azerbaijani border while the medieval stone-crosses were being smashed by the Azerbaijani army.

More Armenian deaths in Iraq

Zabel Adamian, a former teacher at the Baghdad Armenian school, was killed in an Iraqi bomb attack on 10 June 2006, Raffi Baltaian informs.

Zabel’s daughter lost one of her legs during the accident, while 15 other Iraqi citizens died during the Baghdad incident.

Raffi Baltaian lives in Iraq and informed the sad news through Armenian@Yahoogroups.

I have a very close Armenian friend living in Iraq. We usually stay in touch on weekly basis, and when I did not hear from her for a week I was so scared and worried… Thanks God, she e-mailed and said that her Internet was down that’s why she had not been in touch.

Kocharyan in Human Trafficking?

The newspapers of the African nation of Kenya always have articles on “two Armenian brothers.” The latter used to claim they are the nephews of Armenia’s president Robert Kocharyan, although their last name – Margaryan- is shared by Armenia’s prime minister (vice president).

I still don’t really understand the story of these brothers, but they seem to be mobs who think they can do whatever they want (a typical mob-style psychology known as “bezpridel” in Armenia). They were arrested again in Kenya, and, according to some Kenyan newspapers, even deported (I don’t think this is true).

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I don’t really care about the lives of these two (who without doubt “started” their “business” with stealing money from Armenia’s national budget) that is why I never wrote about their “adventures.” But one thing caught my attention in a CNN article about these mobsters: “The brothers have told Reuters they are businessmen based in Dubai with interests in import-export, property development, a nightclub and gold and diamond trading.”

NIGHTCLUB and DUBAI? Should I even “translate” that this means human slavery? I think from what they said it is apparent that they are part of the Armenian sex trade network, though Hetq has not mentioned them in their reports. But this is not the shocking part. If they are indeed related to President Kocharyan and have his “approval,” Armenia’s president must be involved in human trafficking, then.

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Artur Margaran, an Armenian national, talks during an interview with Reuters at his home in Kenyan capital Nairobi, in this March 16, 2006 file photo. Kenya police on Firday arrested two Armenian brothers, Margariyan and Artur Sargsian, whose swaggering lifestyle turned them into celebrities after they were accused of being mercenaries involved in a controversial police raid on media offices. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya/Files

Russians Shot the Armenian Plane

A not-too-reliable source quotes BBC monitoring service as saying,

"A video recording sent to the press service of the president of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, says that the Armenian passenger plane of the ArmAvia air company, which crashed near Sochi on 3 May, was actually shot down by Russian air defence systems. Sadulayev said: 'We have information that the Armenian plane was shot down by the Russian authorities when the link with the plane was lost. They thought that someone had hijacked the plane and that there were mojahedin on board.' "

This is the only place that I found the info in English. I hope journalists in Armenia pay attention to this. unsure.gif

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Sexy Chick in Chess

I was not going to write about Armenia becoming the Chess Olympiad Champion in Turino on 4 June 2006 (since I am tired about reporting their victories!), but there is a sexy story I cannot hide from my readers.

It turns out there was a 19-year-old hot chick in the Australian team, and one of the Armenian players, the world’s no.3 Levon Aronian, danced with her.

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You will not believe, but actually an English player punched Aronian for dancing with the chick! Aronian fell on the floor, but the Armenian team put the English guy in his socks.

A UK newspaper called their player, Danny Gormally, “Knight of shame for chess.”


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