Ken Davitian, aka Azamat for Borat, has told andPOP his original audition tape for Borat is supposed to be included in the DVD bonus (coming out in a month!). Why? Ken Davitian had apparently acted during entering the room and fooled the real producer of Borat and Sasha Cohen, aka Borat, himself. Wow, wow, wiyaaaaaaaa.

From the time he entered the room, Davitian was Azamat. He knew they were looking for someone to play a frumpy, fish-out-of-water, Eastern European, and they didn’t realize he was acting. He handed them a wrinkled 8×10 photo of himself that he had folded in his pocket. Davitian realized that he had the room fooled and had to reveal his true identity.

Funnily enough, Davitian has fooled the interviewer of andPOP too.

However, Davitian reveals, that [nude fighting] scene had one deception in the form of a strategically placed black bar.

“I can tell you,” he says, “that the black bar that you saw while he [Borat] was running was an exaggeration and not necessary.”