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Armenia Sells Internal Organs of Azerbaijanis?

via Boratoglu’s December 23, 2007 post (I thought today was Nov 24, 2007), BayBak, an ultra-nationalist Azeri website operating in Iran,  says “Armenia sells internal organs of Azerbaiani captives.”

According to BayBak,

Regarding information given to Olaylar by MP Asim Mollazadeh, there are several facts those proves Armenians removed organs of Azerbaijani captives, mainly women’s during and after 1994s conflict.

It is under examination and new evidences will be found about this claim, MP added.

In the invasion of Karanbakh and nearby regions, many people were killed and many captured by Russian backed Armenian forces helping Armenian separatists to occupy Azerbaijani territories.

Boratoglu has also posted a cartoon by Azeri scientist Kerim Kerimov saying it is “photographic documents by my reverend friend Kerim Kerimov [that] show armenia holdings Azeri organism in its right hand.”

Boratoglu Online

Rumors that Aylin Boratoglu has a website have come to be true.  A reader has sent us the link to Boratoglu’s website –– where he has posts about Armenians, Kurds, Greeks and Azerbaijanis.

One of Boratoglu’s posts, for example, says that the Armenian Genocide didn’t happen presenting a world map as a proof:

My geography professor Nursultan Baskiyevoglu from Ankara Universities proved Armenian genocid didn’t exist.  Look at the map of Turkeys (green, pink and zig zig), it don’t say genocide! Niice.  

He has posted some disturbing images of his wife and ex-girlfriend, and reveals a historic document about gay lifestyle of some Ottoman rulers to show that “[o]ur governments made loves (sic), not genocid (sic).”

In the words of Boratoglu, you finds more in


Dramaget reveals about Borat-oglu, who has decided to go public.

“my name a Aylin, but you can call me Borat-oglu, i come to you to speak dirty (I LIKE!). i learn much at the Ataturk University Supreme Truth Department. Genocide lies! Give me your gypsy tears, Armenians or you will be execute, like my friend who call premier Erdogan a man who does it with another man…”

“my hobby include deny genocides, shoot kurds, watch televison show “Ataturk’s best week ever” and “Big Ottoman Brother” You can come to my house, use my wife and the archives to learn truth of genocide is dirty propoganda. in turkeystan we say, a man who accuse a man of make genocides has a small khram or is a woman. you stupid, i clever. you die, i urinate on your monuments. Güle güle, fuk with you later!”

I think Artyom at posted Boratoglu’s photo couple of monts ago but didn’t realize it was Boratoglu.  

The rumor has it that Boratoglu will be opening a website that will give final rejection to “Big and fat Armanian lies about so-called genocide.” If you have seen the website, let me know.

Genocide of the Hot

I found this pretty funny:

Kim Kardashian’s Big Fat Armenian Butt

Urinatee Kim Kardashian wants you to know that not only is her ass real, it’s genetic:

“Everyone now says I have a fake butt or butt implant,” the sizzling pseudo-celeb, who made an infamous sex tape with rapper Ray J, tells King magazine. “I’m Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That’s how I was born. I can’t help it. I’m not gonna fight it. I definitely need to work out more and tone up, but I’m proud of my body.”

Good lord. No wonder the Turks tried to genocide these people out of existence. If we lived in a world full of enormous-titted women roaming the streets with impunity, how would we ever get through a work day with half a thought in our already tiny, petty little brain? There’d be too many gigantic asses to think about.

Iranian Parliament Photos

 Received from Iran in a group e-mail: 


Real Da Vinci Code Found

TIME magazine has posted an entry on February 2, 2007, telling of a five-century-old fresco by Giorgio Vasari that some Italian researchers believe is the code to the location of a long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting.

Vasari’s fresco has a famous phrase – Cerca Trova, that means seek and you shall find it, or փնտրիր եվ կգտնես:

Writes TIME:

Maurizio Seracini is a serious man, with a seriously square jaw and dark tweed jacket. And he is being taken more seriously than ever now that Italy’s Culture Ministry has committed the nation to a full-fledged pursuit of the so-called Lost Leonardo. Seracini, a forensic expert in Renaissance art and architecture, is trying to prove that The Battle of Anghiari–the mural once considered the greatest of all of Leonardo’s masterpieces–lies buried in the Sala del Gran Consiglio in Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio, behind a wall covered by a mural–a vision of the Battle of Marciano–that was painted in the 16th century. LINK

The article made me laugh, not because I find these researchers’ quest unwise or something, but because it reminded me of an incident that happened at the Colorado State Capitol earlier this week. As I pointed to the “picture” of George Washington in rose onyx (the Capitol wainscoting material that is not found anywhere else in the world) done by nature during a tour for a 4th grade class, one of the kids shouted, “The Da Vinci Code!”

He was making a reference to my question in which I had asked which U.S. president would not brash his teeth when he was a kid. It leads to the discussion of Washington’s fake teeth and big chin, which is clearly seen in the Capitol rose onyx stone. There was another reason that the kid thought Mr. Simon had just solved the Da Vinci Code. Right next to George Washington’s “picture,” there is a picture of a turkey (the bird), which is “running” after George Washington because the latter did not select turkey as the national bird of America.

Since I cannot locate a photograph of Da Vinci’s coloradode, aka the running turkey after big-chin George Washington, I decided to post a photo of another code (*caugh*) found in the State Capitol. Pictured is Amanda and cerca trova.

Untold Secrets

Uncyclopedia – the stupid and funny encyclopedia – is worth browsing. I came across to it accidently, and enjoyed the entries about Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

Saakashvili, the democratic hero of the World

Again, this is supposed to be funny so no hard feelings.

Writing about Armenia, Uncyclopedia notes:

Armenia is a huge country located in between the Black and Caspian oceans. It is huge. Huge. It is popularly regarded that Armenia is its own continent, sitting between Europe and Asia, though this notion has no “official” status. The continent on which the continents of Armenia, Europe, and Asia lie can in some contexts be called Armeneurasia.

Armenians all walk around in public with a group of 10 because mexicans will kill them.

They think they are all related to alcapone or tupac shakur

They smell like garlic and have a big enough nose to stuff bombs(armenians are terrorists)

The entry on Armenia also teaches Armenian and how to become Armenian:

Investigate Armenia, decide where you came from sucks, decide to stay (this last part, the staying decision, has a 100% likelihood of happening and is irreversible since Armenia is the place to be). If you can’t find the country (which would be strange, because Armenia is also a continent and it’s where the action is), it’ll suffice to move to Southern California.Step 2: Add ‘-ian’ (or ‘-yan’) to the end of your last name. Examples:

  • Bill O’Reilly = Bill O’Reillian
  • Achmed Chalabi = Achmed Chalabian
  • Dick Cheney = Dick Cheneian
  • Joe Kowalski = Joe Kowalskian
  • John Smith = John Smithsonian (note slight twist)
  • Kate Moss = Kate Mossian
  • Brian Eno = Brian Enoian
  • Armin Tamzarian = Armin Tamzarianian
  • Ching Chong = Ching Chongian

Coming to Azerbaijan, Uncyclopedia writes that it “is a friendly country that loves company; it has frontiers with Russia and Matrioshka in the north, Georgia in the northwest, Armenia in the west, southeast, southwest, northeast and even inside and Iran in the south.” It later tells about Azerbaijan’s porn industry and the Armenian heritage.

Georgia’s entry seems to be the funniest, with a great picture of the rose revolution.

Posting the Georgian alphabet, Uncyclopedia says, “The Georgian alphabet has 2 question marks, but noone knows why..”
Coming to Turkey, we find out that “Turkey is actually a myth; no country exists with such a name.”

And yes, Paris Hilton has decided to become Paris Hiltonian and move to Azerbaijan because she knows that Azerbaijan had proclaimed Holy Slap against Armenians.

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