via Boratoglu’s December 23, 2007 post (I thought today was Nov 24, 2007), BayBak, an ultra-nationalist Azeri website operating in Iran,  says “Armenia sells internal organs of Azerbaiani captives.”

According to BayBak,

Regarding information given to Olaylar by MP Asim Mollazadeh, there are several facts those proves Armenians removed organs of Azerbaijani captives, mainly women’s during and after 1994s conflict.

It is under examination and new evidences will be found about this claim, MP added.

In the invasion of Karanbakh and nearby regions, many people were killed and many captured by Russian backed Armenian forces helping Armenian separatists to occupy Azerbaijani territories.

Boratoglu has also posted a cartoon by Azeri scientist Kerim Kerimov saying it is “photographic documents by my reverend friend Kerim Kerimov [that] show armenia holdings Azeri organism in its right hand.”