Today is Thursday, December 21, 2006, and the entire Colorado is shut down (including America’s biggest airport – Denver International) for the second day due to the blizzard that has whited out the entire state.

I think it will get better, since it has not gotten really worse from yesterday night as of this minute. It was so windy-snowy-windy-mony-bony-hony-gony-dony-lony-babony (staying at home makes me crazy) yesterday that I did not even dare to walk out of our home. The State Capitol, my workplace, was shut down and still is. This has happened very few times in its history.

Well, one would think I am happy for my work being closed. Actually I am not. This week was my vacation… from by boss (she is out for a week), and everything was finally getting into its place. Seriously, I got so much stuff done on Monday and Tuesday (although I went and stayed extra time, but I enjoy doing so when I don’t have class) that I wouldn’t have done so for a month when my boss was around. I like her a lot as a person, and she is a good supervisor, but as her and my employees put it out, “She drives nuts.” I am not worried about her reading this; she barely knows how to send e-mails, and I have to show it to her 4000 a day how to do it.

Anyhow, I am really sad that the Post office is closed. I have so many things to send out (more than 20 envelops are waiting in our living room to leave the room). So those of you who are expecting cards or DVD copies of “The New Tears of Araxes” from me, or have sent me something, expect a delay of at least 2 days.

Yekshmesh. It snowing. Niiiiceeeeeeeeeeee. I’d better get my behind off my apartment and go take some pictures sometime today (it is still early morning here).

Thanks God my semester is over, otherwise it would have been a headache.