I hate writing about Azerbaijani hate. I don’t want to give the impression that I think Armenians are holly and Azerbaijanis are pieces of shit. I don’t claim that everything Armenians write is true, and everything Azerbaijanis write is a lie.

But I think ever a war – in this case information war – should have limits and boundaries. It seems Armenians kind of have the feeling of this (perhaps they won the war that’s why?), but some Azerbaijani propagandist machines just blow everything off.

Now, I am going to quote an article that perhaps 12 people have read. I know that people will say I may contribute to Azerbaijani propaganda by linking to their websites. But I want us to understand that generations in Azerbaijan are fed up with these kind of unhealthy stories. Stories that are more than lies or hate.

Ready? Here you go. It turns it is a “well-known historic fact” that Armenians are “alien nationals,” according to “The Right to Vote” Azerbaijani website. Aliens in a land where they have been living for 3000 years (at least the website admits this).

I have to admit I could not finish the “article.” I know I am supposed to read everything to the end before criticizing it, but it is really difficult to read unhealthy propaganda.

The article, nevertheless, says that some Azerbaijani names have been exchanged by Armenian ones in Armenia. I do not agree with this policy (if this is indeed true; although Armenians still use the Turkish name for Artsakh – Karabakh), but I have to admit that Armenians learned this from their Turkish-Azerbaijani neighbors.

Anyhow, I don’t care if Armenians have “only” lived in Armenia for 3000 years. I don’t care that Azerbaijanis have lived in Armenia and current Azerbaijan for “only” 700 years. But I do get worried when Azerbaijanis think they have lived in Armenia and Azerbaijan for 2 million years. This is kind of unhealthy.