Simon says, don’t trust alcoholics and drug addicts. They will get you in trouble at some point, because narcotics mean more than anything to them.

A Chechen terrorist leader was killed in Russia on June 17, 2006 (while I was out river rafting in Colorado’s Arkansas river). Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev, who was allegedly preparing an attack on the eight world leaders in St. Petersburg, was tipped in to the Russian police by one of his “colleagues” for $55! The colleague desperately needed a dose of heroin.

Even if you are a dirty anti-shower terrorist, don’t trust addicts. They will sell anything to get high.

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He accused Russia of bombing an Armenian passenger plane. Now he is dead, but the world media is not aware of the allegations against Russia

Now, the world newspapers have missed one thing. It is something that I wrote about last week. Sadulayev was the person who announced that an Armenian passenger plane had been shot at by the Russian military last month. Did Russia get rid of the “evidence”?