Yesterday, when I was moderating a panel at the University of Denver among Colorado-based anti-genocide activists and educators, one panelist quoted a Rwandan survivor as saying that genocide never ends for its victims.

The Armenian Genocide happened over ninety years ago, but for us – Armenians – it has not stopped. Not only because denial is the last stage of genocide, but also because the genocide changed the shift of our 3,000-year-old history as Armenians. We lost more than half of our people – and millions who would have been born to them – and we lost a homeland, and along with it much of our heritage, we had held dear for thousands of years.

And even though April 24 is the day we commemorate the genocide – the day when Ottoman Empire’s indigenous Armenian elite was arrested and killed – for us – Armenians – every day is April 24.

May the dead rest in peace, and may the living have the courage to forgive.