Armenian-American celebritiy Kim Kardashian is at it again: now calling on her supporters to vote “yes” in an online poll that asks whether the United States should officially recognize the Armenian Genocide or not.  In her own words:


I firmly believe the U.S. should officially recognize the horrific and historical atrocity of the Armenian Genocide, also known as the “Great Calamity.”

For those of you who don’t know about it: More than a million Armenian people were marched to their death during World War I and beyond. I know, the number is so staggering, I cannot even fathom it.

Right now MSNBC has posted a poll on the matter and I cannot believe how many people have voted “no.” I’m left to wonder if people are really aware of the gravity of the situation.
I voted “yes” and would appreciate it if you felt it in your heard to vote “yes” too.

As I mentioned earlier this year, Kim Kardashian has been talking about visiting her father’s homeland – Armenia.

While it is encouraging to see an American celebrity getting involved in some serious stuff, perhaps Kardashian should be using her influence in more productive ways. Who cares what an online poll says where hackers can vote one million times?

Here is what Kim can do instead:

1. Organize and host a fundraiser for Armenian genocide awareness in the United States (for instance, to donate the money to the in-progress Armenian Genocide Museum in Washington D.C.)

2. Encourage (personally) Silvester Stalone to keep up his dream of making a movie on the Armenian Genocide

3. Personally call Barack Obama and remind him to keep his promise in April