Armenian-American socialite Kim Kardashian, famous or infamous for a sex video, is planning a trip to Armenia. Responding to criticism that instead of commemorating the Armenian Genocide on April 24 she went to shopping last week, Kardashian writes on her blog that on the evening of April 24, 2008 she and her siblings actually decided to visit Armenia. In Kardashian’s own words:

I read in the comments that some of you thought it was inappropriate for me not to post about the anniversary of Armenian genocide (which took place [during and] just after World War) and that I was being selfish for spending my day shopping instead.

For those of you who don’t already know, I am half Armenian. I do not speak Armenian, but my late father instilled in us a lot of Armenian culture.

Judging by the pictures you have seen on this site and from what the gossip blogs have been saying, I can see why you may have gotten the wrong idea. But that’s what the media put out… They didn’t know I was leaving for Australia […]

After my day of running errands, I spent the evening with my late father’s side of the family. I went to an Armenian dinner with my family, like we often do. Of course, cameras weren’t there for that — and some things I like to keep private.

But all of the chatter really got me thinking… Do I know as much about my Armenian history as I would like to? The honest answer is… no.

That night at dinner my sisters, brother and I decided it is mandatory that we go to Armenia. None of us have ever been, neither had my dad and neither have my grandparents! My great grandparents were from Armenia and escaped the genocide. No one has been back since. All I know about my country is what I read and pictures I see on the Internet.

My parents couldn’t tell us stories because no one has been! So, this generation is going to change that! We don’t know when we are going to go, but we four kids have decided it is something we should do! I heard it is beautiful and we are all really excited about it!