Iran claims the United States supports anti-Iranian groups in the Islamic Republic, while America argues that a recent move to start Azeri-language broadcasts in Iran is not a provocation. Quite ironically, the Bush administration – unable or unwilling to capture Osama Bin Laden – seems to have benefited from no. 1 terrorist’s criticism in Iran.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Some Iranians blamed Sunni Arab radicals for an explosion Saturday [in Shiraz, Iran] that killed 12 and injured 202 at a gathering where a preacher criticized the Wahhabi form of Islam that inspires Osama bin Laden.”

Although allegations that the U.S. is supporting bombings in Iran are broad and likely untrue, the U.S. is planning to launch a propaganda war among ethnic minorities in Iran later in Fall 2008. “The US government is planning to beam Azeri-language radio broadcasts into Iran.”