Image: Post-Election Protest Demonstration, Yerevan © Onnik Krikorian / Oneworld Multimedia 2008 

Onnik Krikorian writes about a demonstration in Armenia following the expiration of the state of emergency. He also posts some parties’ concerns about the authenticity of a dramatized and edited video that showed police shooting toward protesters. Interestingly, the video appeared on the Internet about ten days after the actual post-election unrest – raising the possibility of a some level of fabrication.

Nonetheless, given that at least one non-activist, who was on his way to home when he discovered himself surrounded by protesters and the police, was killed with a bullet on his forehead strongly suggests that police have shot toward the protesters. Furthermore, as an Associate Press photo testifies, just past Friday (after the authorities lifted a 20-day state of emergency) a riot policeman used “an electroshock device to disperse opposition supporters in Yerevan.”

A police officer in riot gear, center, uses an electroshock ...

Image: (AP Photo/Photolure, Mkhitar Khachatryan) .(AP Photo/Photolure, Mkhitar Khachatryan)