At least nine of my relatives, friends and acquaintances in Armenia are pregnant and the list keeps growing almost every week (and my extended family is quite small).  Most of the babies are due in the summer of 2008. The majority of them are already mothers – two of them have two children.

This is undoubtedly a baby boom for Armenia. I don’t recall any point in my life when so many people I knew were expecting children. This also means that I am getting old 🙂 but actually most of these new mothers have been married for at least four years and are older than me.

I need to buy lots of gifts for my next trip to Armenia for sure – to over a dozen children including the to-be-born ones. This also means that I may be asked to become godfather again.  Donations are accepted. 🙂

With Armenia’s ongoing depopulation this baby boom is, indeed, very important and promising. There is hope. But we need to seriously start thinking about global warming and pollution to make sure these babies are healthy.