At least one pro-opposition media in Armenia now says it will stop reporting political news for the next 20 days due to the declared state of emergency. The website of A1Plus, a news group that is long banned from Armenia’s air, informs its readers that under Armenia’s law it won’t report political developments.

Writing in Armenian, A1Plus states:

Dear readers,

State of emergency is declared in Armenia, and, under such circumstances and according to the law, it is prohibited to provide information on the political situation and developments. The state of emergency will last for 20 days; during this time you can read cultural, sports and official [political] news [provided by the authorities]. We are asking for your forgiveness.

As I mentioned earlier today, the declaration limits political reporting to copy-pasting of official releases – raising the question of whether blogs based in Armenia fall under the ban. Technically, Armenian websites and blogs outside Yerevan may operate freely but almost every major media outlet is based in the capital city – including all the blogs I know from Armenia. I guess my fellow bloggers in Armenia should either relocate to another region from Yerevan for a few days or send their posts to bloggers abroad (like me) for publishing.

I will be glad to provide that service and guarantee anonymity – if requested.  The constitution doesn’t prohibit individuals from sharing information with others. This blog’s e-mail is [email protected].