As Barack Obama has won the Colorado caucuses in an overwhelming majority, the Denver Post carries a story on a long-time Clinton family friend who has voted for Barack Obama:

8:05 p.m. Pioneer Elementary School, Lafayette, Dems,

After the lobbying for the undeclared delegates is over, 30-year-old Ari Gerzon of Lafayette moved to the Obama side of the room. He said, “In the end, I see him as more potentially electable. He is galvenizing an attraction to politics again. I have read both Obama’s books and he’s a transcendent figure who can inspire people who no longer believe in politics.”

Hillary Clinton is family friend of the Gerzon family. He’s known her personally since he was 5 years old. His parents worked with her in New Haven, Conn., at the Children’s Defense Fund.

Ari is a fifth-grade teacher at Indian Peaks Elementary School in Longmont.