Although presidential canidadate Barack Obama has received the earliest protection by the Secret Service in the history of the United States, many in the States still believe the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other hate groups will do their best to harm the Illinois senator.

While physical harm is what people are concerned about, KKK sympathisers are using the Internet to spread their position on the black candidate.

A post at the website of Klansman David Duke, for example, concludes that “Obama is taking the Black and the Hispanic vote and he has done nothing to get it except being born non-White.” The post also hints to Obama’s “connection” with Islam resonating with circulating urban legends that Obama is a “radical Muslim.”

In order to fight the xenophobic charge of being a Muslim, the Obama campaign has even sponsored a Google link that states “Barack Obama is a Christian. Get the facts at his official site.” Although there is nothing wrong about being a proud Christian, it is somewhat saddening to see that a Christian candidate has to repeat over and over again that he is not Muslim. Saddening, because it is shows nothing but the high level of prejudice against Muslim people in the United States. 

But even being a good Christian doesn’t keep haters from hating Obama. The Associated Content says that many threats against the Obama campaigned in the country go unreported.

The media is not reporting on the “N”-word and hate-laced letters, emails and phonecalls the Obama campaign has received. No one is reporting on how Obama had to add more members to his security team on two occasions. The F.B.I. reported, in 2007, that membership in the Ku Klux Klan and covert militia groups is steadily rising, and it only takes one loyalist to put a bullet in Obama’s heart and annihilate what many Americans believe is the greatest symbol of hope and change for this country.

The publication also posts a statement by a national Ku Klax Klan leader hinting that Obama’s possible victory may trigger racist whites to “ship” blacks to Africa for the “benefit” of the latter:

“I had several people call me today regarding their concern about the growing support for Obama. The fact is that there probably would not be a measurable difference between an Obama, Clinton or even a McCain or Huckabee presidency, as they are all globalists at their core and backpedal away from a firm commitment to uphold the Constitution. It is the opinion of many in the White Nationalist movement that the election of Obama as president may go a long way to awaken people from their stupor. There is a sleeping giant lying in the heart of our people. This giant has been tranquilized and appears lifeless and dead – but is only sleeping. Surprisingly, an awakened white populous would not only allow us to regain our racial integrity and survival, but it would also provide greater safety and a brighter future for Negroes as well. Those who may be confused by the above statement need only to look at the quality of life that American Negroes have been able to enjoy under white dominated rule, compared with the quality of life that their counterparts have in African nations dominated by African leadership. Still, another illustration can be seen through the calm, peace and safety blacks had in their own communities before the so-called civil rights movement and the debasement of the police, compared to the unsafe and violent black neighborhoods of today.”

Another xenophobic website posts a supporter’s suggestion to become politically more active to “repair the damage” caused by “the post-Obama day:”

It is time to be thinking ahead to having our own political-party. When the post-Obama day arrives, the American people will have to repair the damage and a political-party would be the ideal vehicle for us to wield our power. Remember, the Reds gained power over us through the Communist Party and its various “front” groups. Organization is our key to retaking power from our oppressors.

In Germany, for example, there is the National Democratic Party, which is the “nationalist movement” over there. […] We are, quite frankly, long overdue.