The website of the Armenian community of Great Britain has posted before and after photographs of the recently vandalized Armenian Genocide monument in Cardiff, Wales, stating that the “South Wales Police are investigating the damage.”

 Image courtesy Asbarez

The century-old Asbarez Armenian-American daily has also posted an Armenpress article on the destruction and a new photograph that shows the vandalized monument.

And although few would doubt that the hate crime was committed by Turkish nationalist(s), a blogger from Cardiff expresses hope that nationalist Turks are not behind the vandalism:

It’s hard not to feel hatred when something like this happens. In my home town of Cardiff, last November, from generous donations from a local Armenian, a memorial to the Genocide was erected in a public park. During the inauguration we had to listen to disturbing calls of hatred from about 50 Turkish protestors who did everything during the prayers, speeches, and songs, to disturb the ceremony.

It seems they have now stooped to a new low and in line with the UK’s memorial day for holocaust, have decided to hack the cross off from the memorial. I must admit I didn’t think they would do this. Maybe it wasn’t commited by Turks. I hope it wasn’t. The police are searching for information.