“One cannot accomplish anything without questioning first how an assassin was created from such a baby,” said murdered Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink’s mourning wife about the teenage boy who killed her husband on January 19, 2007.

Mrs. Dink’s call to illuminate the darkness that created a murderer from a child has inspired Turkish-Norwegian designer Firuz Kutal to draw the cartoon below showing a man with black gasses (aka the nationalist Turkish apparatus) monitoring a photo stand of Hrant Dink being killed. 

The murderer, the cartoon suggests, could have been any teenager brainwashed by ultra-nationalist adults.  If you look closely, the murderer is making the “Grey Wolves sign” with his left hand, a gesture of fascist Turks who also use the sign in rallies denying the Armenian Genocide. Just like the Turkish kids in this photo from a fascist website:

If you think that the “Grey Wolf” babies are only brainwashed Turkish teenagers, you are mistaken.  The babies are being abused since a very young age. 

“Abuse” is thought to be physical, but look at these photos:


These two little boys are “paying tribute” to the Enver Pasha memorial in Turkey.  In case you don’t know who Enver is – he was one of the organizers of the Armenian Genocide.  And these two are just one of hundreds of photos of abused kids that Turkish fascists don’t mind posting on their websites.

Here is another one:


And another:

And this baby:

And these kids at a “hero’s” grave:

And… kids of nationalist Turks with real guns.


Once Turkish columnist Gökhan Özgün said a YouTube video honoring Hrant Dink’s assassination was worse than child pornography.  At that time I was puzzled with Özgün’s words. But after seeing the photos above I think I know what he felt.