The fact that America’s “Holidays” don’t extend to millions of Orthodox Christian Americans who celebrate Christmas in the first week of January is not as disturbing as the fact some of the Orthodox are treated as “non-Christians” in the United States.

According to a local American newspaper, for instance:

Puccini said the Bibles, each worth about $28, were purchased through the Assembles of God program Light for the Lost. Light for the Lost provides funds for missionaries traveling around the nation.

“Our son, Nicholas, is a missionary in Armenia and is working to translate the Bible into Armenian” through Light for the Lost, Puccini added.

Missionary Nicholas is, well,  roughly 1,600 years late because the Bible was translated into Armenian in the 5th century A.D.

But apparently, Armenian immigrants to the United States also get the opportunity to become, hm, Christians. According to Baptist Press, an Armenian immigrant has “surrender[ed] to Jesus.” I thought the Armenians surrendered to Jesus in 301 A.D., or am I missing something?

I realize that many Armenians, especially from the Republic, are not religious and may know little about their centuries-old Christian heritage but it is quite ignorant for the good American people to think that they ought to teach other Christians how to be Christians.

What the good American Christians should do is to keep up the Christmas or whatever tree it is up until January 8 because there are millions of Americans who don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25.  “Happy Holidays” shouldn’t stop on January 2.