Armenian-dominated Nagorno Karabakh is de facto independent from the Republic of Azerbaijan, but the infamous leader of the latter country has now said Karabakhis need to leave if they don’t want Azeri rule raising questions about the legitimacy of Azerbaijan’s claim to territorial integrity and supporting Armenian fears that Karabakh’s return to Azerbaijan would be suicidal.

According to Armenia Liberty, a news source funded by the United States government:

Azerbaijan’s tough-talking President Ilham Aliev has said that Nagorno-Karabakh’s predominantly Armenian population must agree to return under Azerbaijani rule or emigrate from its homeland.

“We will never allow the creation of a second Armenian state on Azerbaijani soil,” Aliev said in his New Year’s address to the nation cited by Azerbaijani media. “If the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh want to self-determine, they should do that within the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. If they don’t want that, they should leave Nagorno-Karabakh and create their second state elsewhere.”

Needles to say, this is the exact attitude that has made Karabakh Armenians’ mind up to never ever live under Azeri rule which basically says you like it or leave it. 

If Nagorno-Karabakh were returned to Azerbaijan under the current leadership and ideology full-scale genocide against the Armenian population would be inevitable.  Azerbaijan’s current regime is as cruel as any dictatorship is in the world punishing its own journalists for challenging any official line and destroying property of its own citizens so that the latter use the monopolized industries.  Along with Saudi Arabia and Dubai, Azerbaijan should be the third country in the true company of “evils,” but of course America’s foreign brown-nose policy would not consider even asking for restraint to a country that gives oil.

Mr. Aliev, as far as there is one Armenian alive in this world Nagorno-Karabakh will never become part of Azerbaijan.  No conscience person would volunteer for a murder experience.   On the other hand, you are not man enough to attack Armenia and you know that.  All you can do is to reduce to dust defenseless Armenian monuments in your territory and then retardedly deny that these monuments existed.  You are not even man enough – unlike the fucking Taliban – to say you destroy monuments out of hatred or beliefs. 

I wish that in 2008 your father’s grave, Mr. Aliev, is bulldozered and reduced to dust. Then maybe we will be on the same page about appreciating memory.