The murderer of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink wasn’t a minor at the time of the assassination in January of 2007:

According to Turkey’s NTV:

The man standing trial for the January 19, 2007, slaying of Dink has been named as Ogun Samast. Till now, the media have been forbidden to publish Samast’s name as he was believed to be under the age of 18 when he allegedly shot Dink outside the office of the newspaper Argos, of which he was the editor.

However, the results of medical tests conducted on Samast revealed he is currently 19 years of age, meaning he was not a minor when the allegedly gunned Dink down in Istanbul.

Samast is standing trial for the murder of Dink along with a number of other men accused of involvement in the crime or inciting Samast to commit the shooting.

Detained a few days after the shooting, Samast, who has links to far right wing Turkish groups, admitted to killing Dink.