As we are about to enter 2008, Blogian is transforming to the 21st century with a professionally-designed theme (courtesy of, merged archives and new plans.

A few months ago, when I was upset with constant hacks by Azeri and/or Turkish hackers against Blogian, the webmaster of offered to hire a designer for Blogian (I guess Armen wanted to cheer me up).  As part of the design, the archives from Blogian’s good old days – available at another link – were merged to the current website so that it is all in once place.

The design is perhaps obvious to most Armenians – mount Ararat, the national symbol, on the top and Blogian written with a pomegranate, another Armenian symbol.  

At the very bottom of the website you will find two separated “animals” – an actual design from a Djulfa tombstone that is now forever gone.  Hence, the name of the new theme – Djulfa.

I have become a sort of self-proclaimed ambassador of the vanished Djulfa cemetery and after the recent article in History Today and widely featured at Britannica Encyclopedia I have not stop – and NEVER WILL – the awareness work for the largest Armenian historic artifact that was reduced to dust two years ago. 

I can’t tell you the latest project at this time but I will announce it very soon. 

 THANK YOU to and A_Mina for the wonderful design.