According to Azerbaijani media, three Azeri workers died as the stone fence of an Armenian cemetery – underway for destruction – collapsed on them as they were “removing” it to clear the historic site for a commercial road.

During removal of a stone fence surrounding an old Armenian cemetery located behind the Odlar Yurdu University, three employees of the Bakielektrikshabaka OJSC ( Baku electricity network) were trapped in the ruins.

One victim aged 25 and 30 years old, was taken to the hospital and died, the other two are still in the hospital, according to a Trend correspondent reporting from the scene of the accident.

A road is being constructed through the Armenian cemetery. The area was fenced due to construction work.

The Narimanov District Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the reports and said an investigation has been launched into the case.

The above quoted info was originally posted at Azerbaijan’s Trend News Agency’s website. After Hyelog reposted it, the Agency “updated” the story confirming all the three Azeris had died and removing previous references to the Armenian cemetery.  A Google news search of “Armenian cemetery” excerpts the original post of Trend’s report.

It would be evil to be pleased with the death of these employees who have families and are quite young. But one can’t help and wonder whether this is a mere coincidence. As the same Azerbaijani website reported, last year the head of Djulfa’s police was burnt along his family in less than a month after a hundred Azeri servicemen in his district reduced to dust the world’s largest Armenian cemetery.