My little niece in Armenia has never asked me for money. Today she did. Not for her though, but for Armenia.

Today is the 10th International Telethon of Armenia Fund, the organization that has been building roads and schools in Armenia and Karabakh.  The ongoing live broadcast is shown all over the world, and you can watch it online at

As a student and an immigrant family with financial problems, it is hard for us to donate money. In the last two years I have donated to Armenia Fund during their telethones about more than a quarter of my monthly salary.  But this year I was more than broke (have been using my credit card for a while), so we had to convince my Mom – who works less than me – to donate.

You don’t have to donate a lot of money. Even a $10 donation would make a difference. And if 10% of all daily Blogian readers did so that would be 70 times $10 = $700. 

You can either donate online at or call the toll-free number (from the United States)  1-800-888-8897.

One nation, one future.  If not you and if not now, then who and when?