In the last two days I have posted some funny information on Borat – the fictional character from Kazakhstan.

Today in class we were talking about Borat’s new book when I overheard a student asking another student, “Was it in Guantanamobay?” The response was, “No, in Iraq.”

I asked the students what was going on and the  gentleman who had said “No, in Iraq” told me that while he was serving in Iraq they had an Iraqi to dress up in the “swimming suit” of Borat.  When I asked him where they got the suit from he said that the soldiers made it.

After noticing that I didn’t find the incident so funny the soldier added that the Iraqi man had put on the Borat costume voluntarily.  After I asked him other questions – trying to verify whether the Iraqi was a prisoner – he started denying what he had just told me and the rest in our group and joked that he’d kill us if we told the story.

No matter how funny it may sound anyone in Borat’s swimming suit, it is obvious that no Iraqi – for that matter almost no one – would volunteer to wear Borat’s suit (see photo)  so that American soldiers could have fun.

I am not positive that this abuse requires prosecution and investigation but I find it pretty ironic that American soldiers made an Iraqi dress up (or dress down) like Borat – the character who says George W. Bush should drink the blood of every Iraqi woman and child.

It seems everyone loves Borat yet we need to be serious in abuses such as this.