The Azeri Press Agency reports:

UFO sighted in Nakhchivan

[ 18 Oct 2007 12:51  ]

A UFO has been sighted in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. APA’s Nakhchivan bureau reports that UFO was observed in Nehrem village of Babek region in the evening on October 15.

The village residents say that the object was clearly seen for several minutes. Some filmed the UFO.
The village residents say that such objects were observed several times before, but unlike the others this time it was nearer. /APA/

According to the same news agency, “A high-level Azerbaijani delegation will leave for the US. We [Azerbaijan] should not stop our propaganda a moment.” 

The latter doesn’t concern the UFO but instead lectures by scholars about the destruction of Armenian monuments in Nakhichevan – that, according to Azerbaijan, are lies because Armenians have never lived in Nakhichevan!

But since “Armenian plagiarism…and theft [is] in all fields of human life,” in the words of another Azerbaijani newspaper, the Azerbaijani delegation might as well bring up the issue of UFOs unless it is too late.

Are Armenian UFOs planting ancient graves in Nakhichevan to prove that Armenians once lived there? Who knows!