It is rare for an international organization such as OSCE – The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe – to post news on its website that are entirely made up. I must say, my bet.

At least until October 25, 2007, OSCE’s Combating Human Trafficking website – – listed the article that tells of Armenia’s new law aiming at identifying and saving human trafficking victims on airplanes before take off. I must say, I had written the article and had made it up. Armenia, unfortunately, has no such a law.

But Armenia has way over a hundred legislators, so I decided to make up a law for them and quote at least one parliamentarian, who seems most progressive, as the co-sponsor of a law that would require distributing information about human trafficking to all passengers leaving/connecting in Armenia’s Zvartnots International Airport.

I posted it at Blogian, then submitted to Huliq. The news went to many around the world through and got republished through, and others. Ironically, the made-up article wrote about something similar tha was supposebly made up by me months ago. It was ALL made up.

But what was not made up was my helplessness and depression in fighting human trafficking. What was not made up was and is my anger at Armenia’s total ignorance and neglect of thousands of women and children who are being stolen out of Armenia for forced sexual oppression.

And what is still true is that no politician in Armenia – left or right, in power or in prison – cares about human trafficking. And even the widely perceived progressive legislator didn’t comment on his fabricated co-sponsorship of a bill that never existed. I guess it was a good PR for Armenia’s government in the eyes of OSCE and others – something totally different from my intention.

So, no, dear OSCE, Armenia has no law fighting human trafficking. Armenia gives nothing but fuck for the brutalized and oppressed women and children suffering in Dubai, Turkey and who knows where. 

Where is the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenians from Human Trafficking anyways?

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