It is like the administration’s immoral stance on the Armenian Genocide resolution wasn’t echoed by much of America’s “independent” media that the U.S. State Department had to release this shameless piece of propaganda called an article.

Had the article appeared on the State Department website a week or so ago I would dare to see a conspiracy between the anti-Armenianaism in the American media and propaganda articles on the State Department website. 

This piece of garbage is not only clearly anti-Armenian in nature but specifically tries to show that Armenians controll the Congress:

Nonbinding resolutions are not sent to the president following congressional approval, said Ornstein, who appears frequently on American television as an expert commentator on politics, Congress and elections.  Rather, the resolutions are used as a “symbol” of congressional opinion or sentiment on a matter, he said. 

But symbolism is “not meaningless,” Ornstein said.  The Armenian resolution, he said, was a “cheap and easy way” for members of Congress “to express their solidarity with the Armenian people and especially with the Armenian-American population.”

Ornstein said the resolution “has been around for a long time,” because of the “significant population” of Armenian Americans in the United States.

Armenian Americans are an “extremely affluent and articulate population,” and “they care passionately” about the killing of their people during the Ottoman Empire, he said.