So today I finally decided to save the number of the place where I have my hair cut, but instead of saving it in my Sprint phone I accidently sent a message to the landline number (and cursed myself for wasting $0.15).

In couple of seconds I got a text message from 8353 saying, “Your message was addressed to a landline…”

I was quite confused, and got even more confused when I saw the name of the hair place in that text message.

When I got home, I texted my landline (wasting another $0.15). I got an automated call in a few seconds on my landline saying that I had a message from a Sprint PCS customer (it also said my cell phone number).  After I pushed 1 to listen to the message, I had fun listening to how the machine butchered the Armenian word “barev” meaning hello.

I am really surprised that you can text landlines. Am I really behind in the techno world or is this something new?