U.S. Congress’ House Resolution 106 is “so-called,” the title of an article in Turkey’s nationalist Sabah newspaper suggests.

The article, “Six reprisals for the so-called bill,” states the possible “sanctions” that Turkey’s prime minister will advise about to U.S. officials next month in response to the growing probability of the Armenian Genocide being reaffirmed as such in a Congress resolution.

Six reprisals for the so-called bill

Ankara will make six reprisals if the US House of Representatives passes the Armenian bill.

The permission for passage of logistic needs for US military will not be extended. When USA started to withdraw soldiers from Iraq, it will not be permitted to deliver over Turkey. Turkey will slow down cooperation in NATO.

Six reprisals are on the way if the bill passes

The Prime Minister Erdoğan who will go to the USA in November will give messages that Turkey will implement strict sanctions to the USA if the bill of Armenian genocide passes.

Armenian lobby is struggling to make the Armenian genocide claims accepted in the US Congress and Turkey is discussing the actions to be taken if the bill passes. The PM Erdoğan will go to the USA in November and will give the messages that the relationship between the two allies will get affected negatively if the bill passes.

Turkey will bring the sanctions such as not extending the decree for permitting the passage of logistic needs of US soldiers from İncirlik Air Base; the effect of the limitation of use of İncirlik Air Base on US’ use of Turkish land when withdrawing soldiers from Iraq; slowing down of the cooperation in NATO; agreement with Iran on natural gas issue and seeking new agreements, cancellation of US Joint Strike Fighter Planes project and ending the role of balance in Washington’s Middle East policies.