Chauvinism or Racism? You decide.

From an Azerbaijani news agency:

Armenian-like Plagiarism


Once again, Armenian plagiarism has to be focused on just like it was done numerous times in past, we mean plagiarism and theft in all fields of human life, even starting from the history of separate nations and concerning almost everything. What should be done if theft runs in the blood of Armenians…
In previous issues of our newspaper many times we described unusual Armenian thievish freak – taking lands of neighboring states for their own. But it is just one feature of thievish character of Armenians, though being the first. Representatives of this “great” nation take historical and cultural monuments, articles of folk creation, literature work and art, musical instruments for their own, and if something can’t be taken they simply destroy it…In one word, it is easier to count things not included in the circle of articles of Armenian thievish activity.
Earlier we wrote much about Armenian-like plagiarism in the field of art and music. Unfortunately, it is Azerbaijan that suffers most of all from this Armenian freak. Readers know from our newspaper about attempts of Armenians to take national Azerbaijani musical instruments – tar, kemancha, balaban, zurna for their own; about taking songs of Fikret Amirov “Kor Arabin Makhnisi” (“Song of Blind Arab”), melodies “Vocalis” performed by Brilyant Dadashova for their own; about presentation of Azerbaijani performer, Alikhan Samadov, by Armenian internet-resource, as Armenian musician, and melodies performed by him on balaban as Armenian etc. Apparently this was not enough for miserable thieves. They have touched more prominent persons of Azerbaijani origin and succeeded in presentation of great Azerbaijani composer, Gara Garayev, as Armenian one in the book “Creative Unions: Professional Organizations of Soviet Composers in 1939-1953”, published by Russian teacher of Californian university, historian, Kirill Tomov, as well as in encyclopedia “Britannica”. We wrote about it in our previous issue.
Now other facts of Armenian-like plagiarism have become known. It turned out to be that 8 songs out of 15 in CD “The Art of Armenian Duduk”, released in 2001 belong to Azerbaijani composers but they are presented as Armenian melodies.  For example, song “Sene de galmaz” by famous Azerbaijani composer, Tofik Guliyev, is presented in CD under the name “I have a word with a rayer” and Armenian composer Mkrtich Malkhasyan was presented as the author of the said song. Moreover, September 15 of this year in the program of Russian channel ORT “Ice Age”, continuation of TV project “Stars on Ice”, musical accompaniment of the dancing of figure skaters, Sasha Savelyeva (singer from “Fabrika”) and  Alexander Sakhnovski (Israeli figure skater, bronze medal winner of World Championship) was the same song of Azerbaijani composer, T. Guliyev, which was presented by their coach Alexander Julin, and presenters of the program, Marat Basharov and Irina Sluzkaya as “Armenian dance”.
You see how “skillfully” Armenian plagiarism is working. A. Julin explained that melody used for dance was proposed to him by the dancing pair he trained, and it is taken from the CD released in America in 1999.  CD “ANI” indicates the name of Armenian composer, conductor and performer, Ari Gevorkyan. On the cover of CD one can read that it was released in 1999 in USA by EYE RECORDS. And in CD in which performances of musician A. Samadov were presented as Armenian, song by Alakpar Tagiyev “Sen galmaz oldun” turned into Armenian “You didn’t come”, old Azerbaijani song “Sari galin” into “Blonde bride”, Azerbaijani song “Galmadin” – into “You didn’t come”, Azerbaijani dancing songs “Mirzei” and “Heyva gulu” – consequently to “Mirza” and “Quince flower”.
It is interesting that Armenians didn’t take pains even to change names of the mentioned melodies and simply made translation of their meaning.
Azerbaijani Agency on Copyright applied to the World Organization on Copyright and demanded to investigate the facts of Armenian plagiarism and to take necessary measures against the guilty side. But how long shall we fight against it? Forever? If we take into account the fact that theft runs in the blood of Armenians, then the answer is yes…