According to a Turkish appeals court if you say there are Kurds in Turkey:

1. You are stupid because everyone knows there are millions of Kurds in Turkey
2. You are affirming a fact and must be applauded
3. You are a human rights defender and deserve a Nobel Prize for a statement that no one else dares to make
4. You are suggesting Kurds should be killed and are, therefore, inciting genocide
5. You are praciticing your freedom of speech and are free to make any unfounded claims you want, including the myth that there are Kurds in Turkey or that the Armenian Genocide happened
5. You are committing a crime by inciting racial hatred against Turks because there is no other ethnicity but a Turk in Turkey

And the answer is, of course, number 5.

Agence France Press reports, “A Turkish appeals court yesterday overturned the acquittal of two academics who put out a government-sponsored report urging greater rights for minority groups such as Kurds, opening the way for their possible re-trial for sedition.

The court ruled against the acquittal, saying the October 2004 report by professors Baskin Oran and Ibrahim Kaboglu constituted a threat to the state.”

The glorious Turkish court reasoned that “Creation and recognition of a new minority… would endanger the unitary state and the nation’s indivisibility.”


I guess when racist idiots like historian-in-chief Halacoglu (Turks were considering to name a street after him) are heroes in Turkey then human rights defenders like Baskin Orans must be the racists in that country.

Can’t the nationalist Turks see they are advancing the Kurdish cause more and more by their brutal and quite illogical oppression of the Kurds?