It has been two days since I have returned back from Armenia and all I can think of is going back again.

This is not to say that everything was great there – especially the absence of customer service.  But overall it was a wonderful experience that cannot be fully explained.

The 17 days I spent there went so fast that by the time I realized I hadn’t visited 20% of the places I planned to see I was on my way back to the States.  I only managed to visit some places I had been to before – Geghard, the incredible medieval church built from one stone, Garni, the pagan temple that I didn’t enjoy much, St. Echmiadzin, the Holy See of the Armenian Church, and Sevan, the lake that Armenians use like a sea.  I had the best time in the latter by spending a day at the most expensive resort – Harsnaqar.  It was sooooo cool and I am glad I went there; my 5-year-old niece enjoyed it the most.

There are so many things to tell and so many photos to post.  I will just continue writing about some experiences in later entries.

One important thing I want to mention, and perhaps this deserves a seperate post, is that Armavia – an airline in Armenia – SUCKS!  Don’t ever get on their service even if that’s the only option.  Not only the crew is absolutely stupid, rude and unhelpful, but they may take you somewhere else.  That’s what exactly happened. 

My Yerevan-Paris fligt (Armavia, August 15, 5:30 a.m.) made a stop in Lyon to drop off some passengers – something that had not been announced before the plane took off.  Lucky me, I still managed to get on my Atlanta flight in Paris but at least two people I know of missed their other flights thanks to Armavia’s trick. 

Another suggestion on traveling.  Avoid Paris’ CDG airport; it sucks to death.  Armenia’s airport is wonderful, but Armavia needs to be banned.