It took me several weeks to buy tickets for my upcoming Armenia trip.  Before reading on, please be advised that the tickets are REALLY expensive.  But there are still ways of getting the least expensive.

I have been on every website you can imagine, and here are the three that you should really look into if you are buying a ticket to Armenia.

Start with checking out  This will be far the most affordable deal any other airline website will most likely offer.  Especially if your dates are flexible, you will be good to go.  A month ago, for example, there was a round trip from Denver to Armenia available for $1,630 only (trust me this is really cheap) leaving on July 24, 2007. I can imagine the prices have gone up, but is worth a try.

Don’t think of checking out and the other big websites. They are going to cost you a fortune.  The famous LEVON TRAVEL is not the best way to go either, although it still offers tickets for less than Yahoo Travel. 

The next website after you want to check out is This website will let you search flights with limited options but will get for you some of the best tickets out there.  In fact, many people traveling to Armenia are buying now from this website. is still not user friendly and the flights it offers come with very long layovers.  Some people like layovers and actually come out of the connecting airport to see the city.  So if you like seeing as much places as you can, go for a layover.

If you want to work with an actual person who you can really trust, go to and get in touch with the lady named Shake’ through her e-mail or the phone number listed on that website.  Shake’ is a wonderful travel agent who will answer your every question and get you the cheapest tickets possible.  I learned about her from a senior friend in New York City whose son Armen just lost $200 by NOT using Shake’s service.  Armen had purchased tickets for $1,600 while his first cousin had purchased the same tickets for the same place for $1,400 from Shake’. 

I actually did get my tickets from Sima Tours.  It cost me $1,690 but with the shortest layovers possible.  One thing I didn’t like about their service was that they posted my payment at least four business days after they received my check.  But still, I would recommend working with them. 

Now I want to hear from you guys.  If you know of better deals PLEASE let all of us know! And if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, just go for any travel agency (sometimes the stress is not worth the few bucks you save).