My photograph from USA TODAY, published for my membership to the All-USA Academic First Team, has appeared in the anti-Armenian – a website that hatefully denies the Armenian Genocide.

Holdwater, the ghostwriter of the hatesite, is apparently pissed off at my blogging about Turkish historian Taner Akcam’s findings that Holdwater is Murad Gumen, an ex-Disney cartoonist of Turkish desent.

Hilariously enough, Holdwater is now denying that he is Murad Gumen by saying his communication with the United States Holocaust Memorial Council he wrote about wasn’t really his because somebody else had written it and in order not to get somebody else in trouble he said he had written it. (It was through this communication that Akcam made Holdwater’s identity public). Mr. Gumen, stop embarrassing yourself.

The idiot, who continuously claims he has proven the Armenian Genocide never happened and is now saying he is not who he said he was, is even unable to find the source that first wrote about his comparison of Armenians to rodents.

I remember other aspects of Akcam’s more aggressive article, but I’ll bring up only one more: Taner Akcam claimed that I, Holdwater, called Armenians “rodents.”


But ask yourselves: before Akcam got his piece[s] through, there was no mention anywhere that I had called Armenians “rodents.”

In fact, if our haterguy looked closely at the same blog he is linking to (the previous website of Blogian) in his response, he would find out that I, not Taner Akcam, first reported Gumen’s comparison of Armenians to rodents, and in fact, a year ago. As quite usual, Gumen is lying – Akcam has never written about Gumen’s comparison of Armenians to rodents.

Interestingly enough, Gumen doesn’t bother to defend his racism by saying he actually created a “cute phrase” – Armeni-Lemmings – and placing it under a photograph of a rodent.

I had come up with a cute, and now actually rarely used (when I began the site, and was outraged to discover the massiveness of Armenian propaganda, there was more flippancy to my tone) phrase to describe the phenomenon, “Armeni-Lemmings,” which of course would not describe all Armenians; only the irrational genocide fanatics.

It is upsetting that Gumen refuses to take into consideration the fact of the importance of the commemoration and remembrance of the Armenian Genocide to every single Armenian.

The self-proclaimed humanist says he is calling rodents (“Armeni-Lemmings”) only those who are “irrational genocide fanatics,” knowing very well the extent of significance of the memory of the Armenian Genocide to the Armenian people.

No matter how much Gumen believes that the Armenian Genocide did not happen, he should know the line of respect to an entire people (if he is not a racist as he claims).

But again, consider the idiot you are dealing with.

To prove that I am a “fanatic”, for example, he refers to my “angry letter to The Jewish Advocate, criticizing them for identifying a photo as “alleged victims of the Armenian genocide.”

The fact of the matter is that “Armenian genocide” photos are undocumented, even Armin Wegner’s; some Armenian sites have sunk so low as to use documented photographs of Ottoman Muslims slaughtered by Armenians, in order to represent Armenian victims. While I don’t know which photograph The Jewish Advocate made use of, if the source of the photograph cannot be verified, an ethical journal must use a word such as “alleged.”

There are lots of things that Mr. Gumen doesn’t know, including the fact that he can be embarrassingly ignorant and stupid. The webpage he refers to has a link to my actual letter that he failed to read (oh, what a researcher).

If the idiot opened that link, he would see the photo I had written about (in fact, The Jewish Advocate acknowledged its mistake in silence by removing the ridiculous article from its website and its archives). And guess what the photo is?

I wonder if anything else on Earth can be more convincing to Murad Gumen than an old photograph with skeletons and a banner mentioning “Armenian cranes.” But again, genocide denial is not a simple rejection of the word “genocide” to describe the destruction of Ottoman Turkey’s native Armenian population. Denial is the micro-level refusal of accepting that a crime was committed against Turkey’s Armenian population.And to understand how embarrassingly short-sighted Mr. Gumen is, consider his unchallenged acceptance of a Turkish nationalist’s comment at this blog that “the recently discovered cave with the mass grave said to be of Armenian victims has been confirmed by European scientists to have been a Roman site.”If the idiot were to do a little bit research, he would find out that the Roman site had been reused during World War I as a mass grave. Whether used for Armenians or others, though, it will never be known. Because for some reason Mr. Gumen’s beloved Turkish Historical Society covered up the destruction of the mass grave by the Turkish military.We are not talking about a 90-year-old document, Mr. Gumen. This is a documented, photographed mass grave from last year that has been erased from the face of the Earth. Even if you don’t think there was Armenian Genocide, one wonders why would deniers like you not even accept the possibility of even one small mass grave of Armenian victims in Turkey.

And I wasn’t really able to grasp the point of your ass-kissing move, Mr. Gumen, of calling me an “obviously extremely intelligent person.” Perhaps the USA TODAY article you borrowed the photograph from gave you some insights to my activities, most of which are not Armenian as you might have noticed.

And may I ask why you failed to provide the link to the article? Is it because you didn’t want your readers to find out that I am not only Genocide “fanatic” but also Holocaust “fanatic” and that one reason USA TODAY named me one of America’s top students was for organizing Genocide and Holocaust Commemoration?

Or were you shocked with the coincidence that the USA TODAY article was from April 24, 2006 – the 91st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide? Perhaps you will be pleased to find out that when I was given the honor the founder of USA TODAY started his introduction with honoring the memory of the Armenian genocide victims. How about that for a “fanatic” like me?

Actually, I owe you for calling me a fanatic. Your name-calling balances out my “Armenian traitor” accusation I have received from some nationalist Armenians for my views on Turkish-Armenian reconciliation.

And I still believe in the reconciliation, Mr. Gumen. Because even though racist Turks like you 90 years ago have obviously carried out the Armenian Genocide, my own great-grandmother was saved by an ordinary Turkish family during the same horrors that some people you consider heroes brought upon my race.