Today’s Hürriyet, a nationalist Turkish newspaper, reports on the “outing” of Mr. Murad “Holdwater” Gümen, the son of cartoonist Sururi Gümen. “Holdwater” is the webmaster of, a website that hatefully denies the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Turks.

Self-portrait of “Holdwater’s” cartoonist father

The story doesn’t mention, however, that Sururi Gümen was Hürriyet’s own editorial cartoonist before emigrating to the United States. “For fifty years, Sururi was undoubtedly the leading cartoonist in Turkey,” says Serüven, the Turkish magazine of comic-book art. [Sururi, Ellili yıların başında Türkiye’nin tartışmasız en iyi çizeriydi.]

Nationalist Hürriyet’s USA edition has devoted its front page article to “Holdwater” and the revealing of his identity. The full story inside features a screen shot from this blog.

One doesn’t really need to know Turkish to understand these articles.