British archaeology Sam Hardy, who visited Turkey’s Mardin mass grave last month, has set up a blog about Kuru (Xirabeba) where a possible mass grave from the Armenian Genocide was discovered by local Kurds and later destroyed by the Turkish military.

Hardy posts many photographs from the village – including those of a ruined (Armenian or Assyrian?) church – and reflects on his visit to the possible Armenian mass grave.

Kuru building 2a: this photograph shows the empty rock-cut graves of the original Roman tomb; I’m not displaying its entrance.

This tomb was reused as a mass grave, where Armenians killed in 1915 were dumped: before, I collated the most relevant and informative English and Turkish-language sources on the planned forensic excavation of the mass grave and its destruction by the Turkish military; and after, I visited the site, photographed it and examined the indefensible excuses offered by the Turkish Historical Society in their attempt to cover up the Turkish military’s destruction of the site.

comment by an ultranationalist Turk (Ferit) on our previous post has this to say about the covered-up mass grave:

This site was just confirmed by European scholars as definitely being Roman. Your site looses credibility when it references PKK/terror funded Ozgur Gundem and makes phobic comments that the “Turkish Military”, “Historical Society” covered up. Why is it that everytime the Armenian Genocide lie hits a wall, Armenians cry Foul?

You freely call all who do not believe your depiction of events as “genocide” as being “denialist”, but you fall into the same category without being objective, fair and balanced. I wonder what the Armenian heart thinks of after they are fed all the hate filled stories, most of which are really fiction stories(40 days at Musa, Morgenthau,etc.) and do not have the courage to come out and say, IF THE TURKS KILLED US, WHY DID THEY KILL US AFTER 1,000 YEARS? Or HOW MANY DID WE KILL? Or how many Ottoman troops were used to kill any Armenians? The question should be, HOW MANY ARMENIANS WERE INVOLVED IN THE BURNING OF ANATOLIAN and CAUCASIAN Villages? What was their courage and objective. If they were seeking land, then perhaps you should watch Braveheart, to understand how the Turks might have reacted.

Now you get to see both sides of the story, just like in Shrek III.  I can understand people who avoid using the word “genocide,” but I can’t understand absolute idiots like Ferit who don’t even want to admit that there could be an Armenian mass grave in Turkey.  Swiss courts have the answer – Ferit and deniers like him are racists.