Celebrity’s operated hate website is not removed though  

An e-mail from a Blogian reader informs that Google search engine has apparently removed www.muradgumen.org, a website revealing the identity of Murad Gumen – a celebrity cartoonist who has been secretly operating the anti-Armenian hate website tallarmeniantale.com.

Just two days ago, a Google search of “Murad Gumen” listed www.muradgumen.org as the third website about the cartoonist.  But an apparent lobbying by Gumen has removed the link from the Google search engine.

It is interesting that Google removes a website about a racist cartoonist, but doesn’t remove the hate website operated by the same racist pig.

Turkish-American cartoonist Gumen’s argument for his anti-Armenian hate website is that every story has two sides.  What about your “other” side, Mr. Gumen?