Vandalized graves; broken stones.  Another Christian cemetery has been erased in the Republic of Azerbaijan this time containing not only Armenian, but also Russian, Georgian and Ukrainian graves.


Photo: The burial monument of Tamara Akhoomiants, an ethnic Armenian, vandalized

According to photographs and information posted at, a conservative website from Russia, “Recently im Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan – an old Christian cemetery was destroyed. Hundreds of graves of Russians, Armenians, Georgians, and Ukrainians were barbarically demolished by bulldozers. ”

Photo: Dead residents of a Christian cemetery being “evicted” from Azerbaijan (again)

Shockingly enough, the photographs of the now-gone cemetery were taken in December of 2005 – the same month when the medieval Armenian cemetery of Djulfa was reduced to dust by the Azerbaijani army. 

According to the website, the cemetery is being replaced with elite houses.