Outraged Native American leaders in Brazil say they are offended by Pope Benedict’s “arrogant and disrespectful” comments that the Catholic Church has purified the indigenous people and a revival of their spiritual beliefs would be a backward step, reports Reuters via Washington Post.

The Pope said Christianity was not imposed on the Native people but was welcomed by them.  If I may, I would like to bestow His Holiness with a new title: Benedict the Nazi.  So dear Associated Press and other “objective” agencies that are underplaying Benedict’s Holocaust denial, please report tomorrow morning, “Simon Says Pope is Nazi.”  

I think he deserves it for denying, and actually honoring, the genocide of the Native Americans that took place with the support and participation of the Catholic Church.  No wonder why the previous Pope, John Paul the Second, had spoken of mistakes in the evangelization of Americas’ natives and basically made a semi-acknowledgment of the genocide.