An column in Armenian by Harut Kbeyan gives some tragic-comedy-style insights to the May 2007 parliamentary elections in Armenia.


A cartoon from another column at

Talking about the platform of all participating political parties, Kbeyan writes:

It seems all of the parties have downloaded their campaign platforms from the same website and translated [into Armenian].  The translation has worked ok for some, not so much for others and not at all for other ones.

The columnist is surprised with the fact that the never-ending identical justice platforms of all political parties – social equality, employment, free or affordable health care, improved education, military reforms, fantastic retirement funds – do not include environmental problems.

Although the rest of the promises will most likely stay promises in any case, not talking about the environment means Armenia’s voters are not concerned about the issue.

Ironically, environment was one of the major issues for Armenia’s independent movement in the late 1980s and the early 90s.  And environment may as well become the TOP issue in 2024 – a little too late though – when Armenia will be totally forestless.