Guess what? The Armenian Genocide never happened, reports Turkey’s ultranationalist Sabah newspaper on April 24 – the day the Armenian Genocide is commemorated.

Guess why? A Swedish commander in Turkey wrote on April 23, 1917, “as an eye witness, I object to genocide claims.”

In case you did not catch the unintended sarcasm… the term “genocide” was first used in 1944 by Raphael Lemkin.

Somebody call The Onion and tell them they have lost to Sabah.

90 years old letter of a witness from the first hand: “genocide did not happen”

The letter written by a Swedish commander witnessing the events in 1915 and published at a newspaper on 23 April 1917 has been revealed: I never saw Turks doing genocide. It is my responsibility to object to these claims. Emigration was a military compulsion for Turks.”