The Hollywoodization – a cultural aspect of Globalization – has long established itself in the world. In Armenia, for example, you can already get an illegal copy of “Night At The Museum” with a Russian translation, while it is not even out on DVD in America yet.

Yet ask an average resident of Armenia about “Vodka Lemon,” and they will ask, “What?” Tell them it was the winner of the San Marco Prize at the 2003 Venice Film Festival in Italy and they may get interested, especially if they find out the movie was filmed in Armenia and features Armenian as one of the languages.

“Oh, that movie about Kurds?”

Yes, yes. That movie about Kurds (it is actually about every post Soviet resident) is far better than 100 Hollywood movies placed together, and will actually make you think, laugh and cry. Those of you who have not watched it yet, Simon says, do it before you die (there is a semi-rape in the movie if it is the price to make some of you interested).

Why wouldn’t they show Vodka Lemon on Armenian TV stations?