Unlike in my previous message, where I referred to “some Turkish-Azerbaijani love” with sarcasm, I want to share a private communication with a Turk about whom I know very little, if anything. 

He/She had sent me a letter via my YouTube account (apparently after watching my five-minute film on Djulfa that, nevertheless, makes no mention of Turkey or the Genocide), and I had replied back.  Today I received more communication.

The Turkish friend wrote for the first time last week,

first of all im sorry that i dont know english well. im a turk. i just say im sorry for genocide. i accept genocide because i know old turkish politicians did too bad things. …im sorry…

I replied back saying,

Kardesim [or Kizkardesim] (my brother or my sister – in Turkish), my great-grandmother was saved by a Turkish woman in Urfa during the Genocide. As I will never forget what the Turkish politicians and the government did to my family and to my people, I will also never forget that Turkish woman – thanks to whom I live today.

And thank you for your letter. It means a lot to me.

And he/she replied today,

thank you… i cried when i read your message. i hope our nations have peace one day.
bizler gibi dusunen insanlar lazim bu dunyaya.
hoscakal ve sevgiyle kal 🙂