The first ever seen satellite image of the medieval Jugha cemetery before its 2005 final destruction shows how large the cemetery was, even given the fact that it had already been vandalized several times by the Azerbaijani authorities in Nakhichevan.

When I saw the image, I could not believe how huge the cemetery was…

The eyes of this writer just saw the satellite download, which costed me several hundred dollars to obtain, that shows the cemetery in its entirety from the bird's eye.

Can't wait to see it with your eyes? Need to wait before "The New Tears of Araxes" comes out in the next two weeks.

Written by Sarah Pickman and produced by this blogger, the film will tell the tragic story of the medieval Armenian cemetery's destruction in a five minute documentary. Again, it will be the first project to show the first satellite image of the cemetery before its final destruction. And again, it will be free and available to everyone.