The Republic of Azerbaijan's PR campaign of showing off itself as a tolerant state and a "heaven" for Jews is under attack by a New York Times article that tells the story of an Azerbaijani Jewish family who are shocked with the fact that people of Jewish faith wear the star of David without fear in America.

The New York Times' December 10, 2006, article writes, "They also heard that people were being killed in Baku. More and more Jewish people were leaving to go abroad."

Azerbaijan, where being Armenian is the worst eternal crime, has been praising itself of being a tolerate state for PR reasons, as the international community seeks to establish permanent peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In particular, Azerbaijan has been proclaiming itself a heaven for Jews, and some radical Azerbaijani fractions have even said Armenians committed genocide against Azerbaijani Jews in their PR war against Armenia and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The PR campaign of tolerance started in 2003, when Azerbaijan finally opened the first Jewish school and built the biggest Jewish synagogue in Europe.

To better understand the nationalist Azerbaijani definition of tolerance, refer to a Hetq article I wrote earlier this year.